Is there a vision for a sustainable future?

Salon Evenings

Many of us talk about ‘a sustainable future’ yet few of us have any sort of clear vision of what our lives – and those of the next generation – will be like in such a future. Will they be better or worse than they are today? Is such a future something to aspire to or to avoid and postpone? Can we even imagine such a future world in any tangible form or are we asking people to buy into a theoretical construct on no more than a wing and a prayer? These events bring together a small number of influential thinkers to discuss and debate what “a sustainable future” might look like in daily life. The events are organized in the tradition of the salon as public sphere.


London, September 20th, 2012

Partners for London Event: Brave Collaboration  The Circle Economy  de Baak  EU Flash  IUCN  New Economics Foundation

Report from the London session can be downloaded here.

New York, November 8th, 2012

Partners for NYC Event: New Knowledge Organization

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