We are a factory of ideas.

WOLFoundation is a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging dialog and fresh thinking on subjects related to pressing questions related to society, politics, business and environment. Our purpose is to find ways to break out of conventional thinking and unleash the imagination. We act as a catalyst for anyone who has fresh ideas on how to improve well-being – sustainably.

We are not tied to any particular discipline or any particular viewpoint. Our aim is new thinking and fresh experiences.

We organize Happenings and Events that bring together people with an open mind who are able to listen to alternative viewpoints and are interested in breaking from convention to explore new ideas and approaches.

We run an Annual Essay Competition where we encourage you to tell your story and give the world your point of view. We are looking for ideas presented in a high quality, non-technical style. We welcome any opinion on socio-environmental issues – be they for or against any particular debate or point of view.

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The Web of Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity under the US Internal Revenue Code.

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